Did you know that of the 45% of Americans that set New Year’s resolution goals, 66% of them are fitness related goals? What’s even more interesting is that 73% of that 66% give up before ever reaching those goals. 

If you’ve fallen into that 73% in the past, I’d love to help you change that in 2016. There is a 60 day weight loss challenge starting January 15th. We will discuss and offer exercises, nutrition, accountability, advice, prizes, leveraging MyFitnessPal, supplement education, and encouragement.


It is $25 to join. At the end of the challenge, there will be three winners based on top percentage of weight loss. The first place winner will receive 50% of the prize money, second place 30% and third place 20%. There will also be weekly giveaways.


At the end of the last challenge, the first place winner received more than $800. We are hoping to make that $1,000 this time!


Start your year off right and make a lifestyle change that you can stick with!