Wait a minute! I want to clear up some Plexus MISCONCEPTIONS… 😉
1. Plexus doesn’t have an energy drink… We have a drink that helps you find your natural energy by balancing out your blood sugars without pumping you full of stimulants.
2. We don’t have diet pills… We have a one of a kind Probiotic and Biocleanse, a magnesium supplement which help to balance out your gut and rid you of sugar cravings & bad bacteria. Accelerator and Boost? Also not “diet pills.” 
3. People think, “Plexus will make me skinny!” Here’s the TRUTH— Plexus products are about making your body more balanced and helping things to work the way they should. Often, as a result of that balance, people do lose weight.
Do you feel unhealthy? Would you like to feel HEALTHY again?

THAT is what Plexus is about. NOT about getting skinny. It’s NOT a FAD! It’s NOT a trend! 
It’s about healing your body from the inside out! It’s about feeling better than you ever have before! That’s what it’s about!