#15daysofPlexusDay 12: Plexus 96 Protein! 
What is it? 

It is a vitamin packed, delicious protein drink and yet it still isn’t a meal replacement! I like to think of it as a healthy snack between meals 😉
(Paired with a packet of Slim and unsweetened coconut milk, this becomes a delicious belly fat blaster! Trust me!)

–15 grams of protein, 2 net carbs

–Gluten and Soy free! 

–Contains more than 20 vitamins and minerals for optimum nutrition

–High quality, completely cold pressed from start to finish, whey protein isolate/concentrate to help build lean muscle and fuel the body’s needs

–Comprehensive amino acid profile for proper brain, muscle, and energy function

–Helps curb cravings and hunger

–Helps maintain optimal blood glucose levels

–Delicious and easy to use! 

–Available in Vanilla or Chocolate!